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Now Out: August Newsletter "The Playfulness Inside," Plus 10 Revisions

The August newsletter "The Playfulness Inside" presents all the latest content: 4 essays, 4 playful quizzes derived from those essays, revisions, mnemonics, a new contest, answers to the previous one, and a special deal! The newsletter contains these images, among others:

The following essay revisions have also posted:

essay 1086 on 喝 (to shout; threaten)

essay 1089 on 褐 (brown)

essay 1187 on 隅 (corner; inconspicuous place)

essay 1239 on 悟 (to understand, realize; become enlightened)

essay 1455 on 粋 (cool, chic; refined; essence; pure)

essay 1624 on 笛 (woodwind instrument; whistle; horn)

essay 1742 on 猫 (cat)

essay 1777 on 塀 (fence; boundary wall; wall)

essay 1943 on 枠 (frame; framework; enclosure; limit; quota)

essay 1974 on 葛 (kudzu; arrowroot)

If you've bought these essays before or if you have a subscription, you can download new versions for free.


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