Prices and Discounts on Kanji Essays and Photo Albums

One-Year Subscriptions

A yearly subscription to Joy o' Kanji brings the following benefits:

• Access to all essays

• Access to all JOKIA albums

• Freedom from the hassle of paying each time you want something

• Huge cost savings

A one-year subscription (expiring after 365 days) costs $85. 

One-Year Subscription: $85.00  

One-Year Subscription

Prices for Single Essays and JOKIA Albums

Single essay: $1.99

JOKIA album: $.50 

Volume Discounts and Bundles

When you buy five or more essays, a volume discount automatically applies. The amount of the discount depends on the number of essays in the cart.

If you buy a "bundle" of essays, you receive the same volume discount. As an added bonus, you don't need to select all the essays in the bundle immediately. When you buy a bundle, you're actually purchasing credit on Joy o' Kanji. Your bundle credit on Joy o' Kanji will never expire.

Here are the main reasons to buy a bundle:

• You want a volume discount (of course you do!) but don't want to choose many essays at once.
• You are waiting to buy an essay that hasn't yet posted.

What a deal! When you buy a bundle, you save a bundle!

Bundle of 5 essays: $9.45 You save $.50, which is 5% off.
Bundle of 10 essays: $17.99 You save $1.91, which is 10% off.
Bundle of 25 essays: $39.99 You save $9.76, which is 20% off.

Gift Certificates

Is there a kanji lover in your life? Buy that person the gift of kanji!

You can give a subscription, or you can purchase credit that will never expire. Choose from these options:

Bundle of 5 essays: $9.45  
Bundle of 10 essays: $17.99  
Bundle of 25 essays: $39.99  
One-Year Subscription: $85.00  

Express Checkout

If you don't have a subscription, Express Checkout is the fastest way to buy essays. Simply add essays to your cart, check out, and enjoy what you've bought!

However, if you do have a subscription, select essays from the file download page associated with your account. That method is even more efficient than Express Checkout!

Perhaps you'd rather read synopses of essays before buying them. In that case, the Essays page is the place for you to be. 

Earn Credits Toward Essays!

Several people are so enthusiastic about learning kanji that they're eagerly helping out at Joy o' Kanji in exchange for free essays. Here's how you can do the same: 

• Donate photos:

We love high-quality, unusual photos of kanji in action (in signs, on T shirts, in tattoos, at temples, and so on). Photo preferences appear at the link. If we choose one of your photos for publication, we'll happily list you as the photographer, and we'll link to your website or your photo-sharing site. For each photo we accept, we'll give you a free essay of your choosing. That is, one photo gets you one essay, even if we include that photo in multiple essays.

• Offer research assistance:

You can help with tasks such as identifying the kanji in photos or listing the words in which each kanji appears. What a great deal—honing your kanji knowledge while earning credits toward essays!

For more information about these opportunities, please contact us.