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Now Out: Four Radical Notes and 12 Revisions

Four Radical Notes have posted:

Learn how 考 (117: to think), 者 (298: person), and 老 (609: old) don’t depict what you would imagine.

Find out about the shape in 耐 (1542: to withstand) that has represented a "rake" and a "beard" at various times.

See how the radical on duty in 耕 (673: cultivating land) and 耗 (1853: depletion) is indestructible.

Find out what big ears signify. Also discover how ears connect to deities in 聖 (911: holy) and how ears work figuratively in 職 (721: employment).

These resources are free!

In addition, 12 essay revisions have become available:

If you've bought these essays before or if you have a subscription, you can download new versions for free. See the links for details.


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