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Now Out: Four New Radical Notes

I have posted four more Radical Notes:

  • Radical Note 189 on 高, the "high" radical: Read about the etymology of 高 (119: high), explore the variant 髙, and discover the sweet back story for the name of one type of shochu.
  • Radical Note 201 on 黄, the "yellow" radical: Learn about the parent and variant of this radical, which is on duty in 黄 (120: yellow) and a mere component in 横 (235: side). Also see which famous film contains 黄 in its title.
  • Radical Note 209 on 鼻, the "nose" radical: Find out about the shape of the 鼻 radical versus that of its variant, and learn the etymology of 鼻 (377: nose). Also see what the Japanese think about a famous story by Akutagawa.
  • Radical Note 211 on 歯, the "tooth" radical: Find out about the shape of the radical in 歯 (290: tooth) and 齢 (1925: age) versus that of the variant, and discover the etymologies of these two kanji. Also enjoy creative depictions of 歯科 (dentistry).

These resources are free!


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