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Now Out: Essay 1587 on 駐 (parking) and Several Reissued Essays

The 112th essay has posted! Essay 1587 on 駐 (parking; residing in; stationed) is now available for purchase. The essay is the last of four exploring kanji with the "horse" radical, 馬 in honor of the Year of the Horse. Here's a preview:

This character once involved controlling horses. Now 駐 enables people to control cars and bikes (especially in terms of parking) and even to control each other! Using 駐, you can say that a company has posted you to Japan or that the government has stationed troops in a war-torn country. With 駐, you can also speak of envoys, such as the Japanese ambassador to France.

I have also reissued four essays after making improvements:

Essay 1028 on 猿 (monkey): The two photos on p. 7 are now improved. This is the free essay. Because of a temporary technical problem, people who are logged in might have trouble accessing the essay from the Essays page. But it downloads fine from the Join Us page.

Essay 1166 on 狭 (narrow, cramped, tight, constricted): I made slight improvements to the first photo caption on p. 3.

Essay 1989 on 巾 (cloth, towel; width): I made slight improvements to the first photo caption on p. 7.

Essay 2005 on 虎 (tiger; drunkard): I adjusted answer #5 on p. 6 in Answers to Quick Quiz 1.



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