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Essay 1370 on 塾 (cram school) Is Now Out

The 142nd essay has posted! Essay 1370 on 塾 (cram school; private after-hours school) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

After a full school day, many Japanese kids head to "cram school" for intensive nighttime tutoring. In this essay, a variety of people chime in about why the Japanese do this, how it profoundly helps and hurts students, how it affects public education and society at large, and more. Copious comments from a former cram school head provide insights and a great language immersion.

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Several games for older essays have also become available:

essay 1189 on 掘 (to dig, excavate)
essay 1196 on 恵 (blessing; favor)
essay 1564 on 胆 (gallbladder; liver; innards; courage)
essay 1571 on 壇 (platform; podium; altar; circles)
essay 1585 on 衷 (innermost heart, innermost feelings; happy medium)
essay 1587 on 駐 (parking; residing in; stationed)
essay 1607 on 塚 (mound, hillock)
essay 1608 on 漬 (pickle; to immerse, soak)

In addition, there are lots of new-monics:

中 (55: middle)
二 (61: two)
玉 (102: jewel)
度 (356: degrees)
革 (821: leather)
靴 (1052: shoes)
潟 (1084: lagoon)
捜 (1516: to search)
逮 (1547: to chase)
珍 (1602: rare)
渡 (1636: to cross)
崩 (1801: to crumble)
隆 (1901: hump)
拳 (2001: fist)
肘 (2101: elbow)


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