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Essay 1031 on 汚 (dirty; to defile, dishonor; corruption; contamination) Is Now Up

Essay 1031 on 汚 (dirty; to defile, dishonor; corruption; contamination) is now up and available for purchase. Here's a preview:

The 汚 kanji has 7 Joyo yomi! What's more, 汚す can be よごす or けがす, just as 汚れる represents よごれる and けがれる. Learn when each yomi is appropriate. Scads of sample sentences help you get the hang of the yomi, one of which played a key role in a major movie. Whether you want to talk about dirty rooms, dirty dealings, or dirty words, 汚 is your kanji.

In the Thematic Exploration "Yomi Confusion," I've also added a section, "Dirt Brings On Yomi Confusion." It contains three pairs of verbs from essay 1031.

Finally, Radical Note 63 on 戸, the "door" radical, is up, one week earlier than promised!


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Hi there... I'm new... do you offer the pronunciation of the Kanji? It would help.
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Welcome! Yes, I give the pronunciations for everything I'm discussing! If you're asking about the readings of each Joyo character, you can see the yomi listed in the mini-profile on each "character home page." For instance, here's the link to the character home page for 汚:


Look at the blue box on the lower right. It lists all 7 (!) Joyo yomi. The essay also provides several non-Joyo yomi for that kanji, just as all essays do.

In every essay, I present all the major and many minor words containing the main character. For each of those words I provide the reading. And I list the yomi for all the words in sample sentences.

To get more of an idea of what I offer, please download the free essays on the Join Us page:


Hope that answers the question! Thanks again for your interest!


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