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Self-Study and a High Degree of Specificity

Today I learned the following word: 

自習 (じしゅう: self-study)     self + to study

If you're studying something that you're supposed to master in school, then 自習 is your word. If you aren't taking a class and are learning something of your own accord, then it's called 独学 (どくがく: alone + study).

Anyway, as usual there's a highly specific (and therefore highly charming) spinoff word: 

朝自習 (あさじしゅう: studying in the morning (by oneself); brief "self-study" period before morning classes begin)     morning + self + to study

I expect that there's a comparable word for a brief self-study period over afternoon tea. And what about drilling with flashcards over a meal? Or how about putting the notes under one's pillow and hoping for the best? 


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