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Eleven New Games and Six New-Monics Now Up!

There's been a brief hiatus in essay publication while our graphic designer is on maternity leave, but things have otherwise been busy and productive here at Joy o' Kanji. JOK Notebook posts have continued to come out, and games have just become available for these older essays:

essay 1764 on 幅 (width, breadth; range; counter for hanging scrolls)

essay 1776 on 柄 (character, nature; build; design; handle)

essay 1782 on 偏 (one-sided, biased, inclined, partial; left-hand radical)

essay 1785 on 浦 (seaside; inlet bay)

essay 1831 on 磨 (to polish; brush (teeth); grind, wear away; improve)

essay 1850 on 茂 (to grow thickly; be overgrown; bush; clump)

essay 1898 on 柳 (willow)

essay 1899 on 竜 (dragon; imperial; "big dragon" radical)

essay 1936 on 郎 (male name suffix; counter for sons)

essay 2005 on 虎 (tiger; drunkard)

essay 2025 on 鹿 (deer; "deer" radical)

If you have purchased any of these essays or if you have a subscription, you'll have access to these games.

Also, Ulrike has produced a batch of new-monics (which are free!):

告 (481: to notify)
接 (730: to contact)
祖 (736: ancestor)
造 (739: to make)
則 (742: rule)
団 (749: group)


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