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Six Reissued Essays Are Up

Six older essays now have quite a few new photos, all showcasing the kanji of the moment:

Essay 1095 on 缶 ((tin) can), with 2 new photos on page 7.

Essay 1176 on 斤 (loaf (of bread)), with 2 new photos on page 7.

Essay 1227 on 玄 (mysterious), with 2 new photos on page 13.

Essay 1335 on 芝 (lawn grass), with a new photo on page 10. This is one of the free essays!

Essay 1513 on 双 (pair), with 3 new photos on pages 12 and 13.

Essay 1552 on 沢 (marsh; plentiful), with 2 new photos on pages 10 and 11.

Here are the covers of those essays:


For more on this issue, please see today's JOK Notebook.


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