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Revisions to 9 Essays Now Up

I've made revisions to nine essays. If you've bought them before or if you have a subscription, you can download the new versions for free. Here are the essays I revised:

Essay 1041 on 乙 (second (in order or quality); strange; stylish)

Essay 1047 on 菓 (confection; cake; sweets)

Essay 1164 on 峡 (ravine, gorge; strait)

Essay 1188 on 屈 (to bend; yield; flinch; submit; crouch)

Essay 1196 on 恵 (blessing; favor)

Essay 1386 on 升 (sho (1.8 liters); small wooden measuring box; square on a grid)

Essay 1467 on 杉 (cedar)

Essay 1777 on 塀 (fence; boundary wall; wall)

Essay 2005 on 虎 (tiger; drunkard)

You can find details about the changes at the links, which take you to the Character Home Pages.



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