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Relaunch of JOKIA Coming Next!

There's been quite a bit of upheaval on this end, as my dog Kanji became seriously ill and was hospitalized for nine days. I was unable to do much work during that time. He's now out of the hospital and convalescing well (thank goodness!!!), so I can get back on track with writing essays soon. In the meantime, I've been able to work on smaller tasks, such as JOKIA albums.

Photo Credit: Eve Kushner

Just a month ago on vacation in La Jolla, California, life was perfect and simple.
Kanji was mesmerized by a seafood restaurant and stood like this for the longest time.
One never knows how quickly one's concerns can change.

Here's what you can expect in coming weeks on Joy o' Kanji:

May 30 (if not before):

An exciting relaunch of JOKIA with a whole new approach

May 31:

May newsletter

June 6:

Essay 1052 on 靴 (shoes)


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