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Radical Note 48 on the "Katakana E" Radical 工 Is Now Out, Plus a Blog

Radical Note 48 on 工, the "katakana e" radical, has posted. This simple-looking radical pops up in such common kanji as 左 (22: left) and 差 (482: difference), as well as 工 (113: manufacturing) itself, but the 工 radical isn’t nearly as straightforward as it appears. Find out what complications it causes. This resource is free!

The JOK Notebook post “Talking Nonsense” is now out, too. Among other things, it draws on a popular linguistic discussion now taking place on Twitter in Japanese. This blog is free!

Essay 1462 on 随 (to follow; do as one pleases) is on the way, arriving later than initially forecast. (It seems to be doing as it pleases, not following the schedule.) Thank you for your patience!




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