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Radical Note 170 Now Out, Along with Several New Photos

Radical Note 170 on the "left hill" radical, 阝, is now up and ready for viewing!

Thanks to my recent photo safari in Japan, I've been able to enhance several Renshu Resources pieces, all of which are free:

Radical Note 141 on the "tiger" radical, 虍, now has a photo of the non-Joyo 鯱 ("dolphin-like fish" or "killer whale"), along with an image of a "golden dolphin," which looks to me like a fierce pineapple!

Radical Note 149 on the "word" radical, 言, has a photo featuring three instances of this radical in a row! This Radical Note never had a photo before, so I'm particularly excited about this.

In the Thematic Explorations piece "Indivisible Characters," the last photo is new. 

On top of that, I've beefed up two essays with pictures of their star kanji:

Essay 1188 on 屈 (to bend) has a new photo on page 10.

Essay 1550 on 滝 (waterfall) has a new photo on page 11.

I plan to keep bringing out these sorts of additions.

Finally, there's this:

Essay 1972 on 牙 (tusk, fang) has a newly corrected photo caption on page 2. 



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