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Radical Note 162, 2 JOKIA Albums, and New Games Now Out!

There's lots to report today:

Radical Note 162 on the "movement" radical 辶 is now out, demonstrating some fun and unexpected patterns. Radical Notes are always free.

• There are two new JOKIA albums: JOKIA 316 on 消 and JOKIA 330 on 全. These photo albums each feature about 10 photos of these characters, dedicating a few pictures to each Joyo yomi. An album costs just $.50, and you can see it as many times as you like, hiding captions and treating the photos as flashcards until you feel that you've mastered what each one says.

• Using "Phrase Maze," a fun kanji game designed by Oliver Rose, you can now practice vocabulary from Joy o' Kanji essays! If you look at the "Test Yourself" links under the two free essays on the Join Us page, you'll see what I mean. With those free games, you can try your hand at the vocabulary in essay 1028 on 猿 (monkey) and essay 1335 on 芝 (lawn grass). If you've bought essay 1128 on 鬼 (devil) or essay 2006 on 梗 (blockage; stem), or if you have a subscription, you can access and play the games to work with the keywords from those essays. Games corresponding to each essay published on Joy o' Kanji will gradually appear, and I'll keep announcing which ones have become available. This is a fantastic way to make your kanji study into an active (and fun!) process, so I'm incredibly excited about it. I hope you are, too!




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