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Now Out: Two Radical Notes and Six New-Monics

Two Radical Notes have posted:

See how the "stopping" radical has a lot to do with movement! That’s particularly true when it comes to the etymologies of characters such as 止 (129: to stop), 歩 (202: to walk), and 歴 (606: history).

Learn to make sense of the names of the radical in 母 (203: mother), 毎 (206: every), and 毒 (559: poison), and see how their etymologies involve everything from women’s private parts to harmful plants.

These resources are free! So are the mnemonics Ulrike has just made available:

宴 (1025: party)
煙 (1027: smoke)
欧 (1034: Europe)
拐 (1062: to kidnap)
懐 (1067: heart)
滑 (1088: to slide)


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