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Now Out: Radical Notes 103, 105, and 107

I'm taking a little break this week, but I wanted to make sure you have something to read, so I've posted three Radical Notes:

Radical Note 103 on the "animal counter" radical 疋

Learn about the radical on duty in 疑 (835: doubt) and, unrecognizably, in 疎 (1509: distant). Also find out what an animal counter is—and why 疋 is no longer useful in that regard! 

Radical Note 105 on the “dotted tent" radical 癶

See how this radical crowns characters such as 発 (370: to emit) and 登 (360: to ascend), though 癶 actually has to do with treading—as if it lay at the bottom of kanji!

Radical Note 107 on the “hide" radical 皮

Find out about surprisingly edible items, see how 皮 relates to two other radicals, and learn about its role in an unusual phonetic pattern.

These resources are free!


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