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Now Out: Radical Note 66 on the "Strike" Radical, a Revision, and 5 New-Monics

Radical Note 66 on the "strike" radical 攴 and 攵 has posted. See why this radical is in 教 (101: teaching; religion)—yes, it will confirm your worst fears—and find out why you recognize the variant form of this radical but perhaps not the main rendering. This resource is free!

Also, a revision of this essay has posted:

essay 1759 on 譜 (musical score; written record)

See the link for details. If you've bought this essay before or if you have a subscription, you can download the new version for free.

Finally, Ulrike created the following new-monics:

嘆 (1566: sigh)
端 (1567: end)
窒 (1581: to choke)
抽 (1584: to pull out)
聴 (1598: to listen)


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