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Now Out: Radical Note 26 and 6 New-Monics

In a change of plan, I will not post an essay this week. An unavoidable conflict arose for one of the key players on my team. Instead, I'm pleased to present Radical Note 26 on the “seal" radical 卩. See what 卵 (990: egg) depicts, discover which character represents a person kneeling to expel demons, and learn how 印 (425: to imprint) connects to the radical name. This resource is free!

Also, Ulrike created the following new-monics:

題 (340: topic)
島 (358: island)
湯 (359: hot water)
負 (383: to lose)
物 (387: thing)
油 (400: oil)

With this batch she has finished through kanji 400! Woohoo!


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