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Now Out: Radical Note 147 and 5 New-Monics

A key member of the Joy o' Kanji team has some scheduling conflicts this week, so I will not be posting an essay. 

Instead, I present Radical Note 147 on 見, the “seeing” radical:

Find out how 見 etymologically means “to see” not only in kanji such as 覚 (439: to perceive) and 観 (445: view) but even in 規 (643: regulation) and 親 (149: parent).

Radical Notes are free!

Also, Ulrike has created these new-monics, which are again free:

伝 (553: to transmit)
倍 (563: times)
博 (564: broad)
飛 (566: to fly)
別 (579: separate)


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