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Now Out: Oct. Newsletter, "Canines and Keywords," Plus the "Jim Breen's Writings" Section

The October newsletter "Canines and Keywords" presents all the latest content: three essays, a Radical Note, mnemonics, a new contest, and answers to the previous one. The letter also contains announcements about two new sections on Joy o' Kanji, including one in Renshu Resources called "Jim Breen's Writings." Here's what I have explained in the newsletter about that development:

The venerable Jim Breen (who has created invaluable Japanese-English dictionaries) is knee-deep in writing a substantial article that will soon appear on Joy o' Kanji. As he is such a frequent contributor (having published guest blogs in the past), it made sense to gather his work and present it in one place. We therefore created a Renshu Resources section called "Jim Breen's Writings."

We needed an image as a "door" to the section, and I imagined that Breen would like something scholarly. I was tickled when he instead opted for one of our cartoon dogs, suggesting that the animal resemble him in certain ways. Breen is an avid cyclist, so our canine mascot has become one, too:

Check the newsletter for more bits of fun, including an entertaining article about Okinawan signs filled with Japanese wordplay. 


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