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Now Out: New Article by Jim Breen, Plus Radical Note on 入

I announced earlier that because Jim Breen has contributed so many pieces to this site, he now has his own section in Renshu Resources. I'm pleased to share his latest article, a comprehensive history that explains how it has become possible for me to type 言葉 and for you to see those kanji properly. That wasn't always the case! His "Kanji and the Computer" will give you a new appreciation for what has gone on behind the scenes for decades. 

Also, Radical Note 11 on 入 ("enter") has posted. This radical used to be in more characters and has since vanished from them! This publication has filled in a gap, and you can now find Radical Notes for radicals 1 through 20 (as well as many others, of course).

All of these resources are free!


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