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Now Out: Mar. Newsletter: "Volcano Erupting Sideways," plus Radical Note 62

The March newsletter "Volcano Erupting Sideways" presents all the latest content: 3 essays, 10 Radical Notes, mnemonics, a new contest, and the answer to the previous one. It also announces a four-way collaboration involving the poetry of Misuzu Kaneko. The newsletter prominently features the latest Radical Note:

• Radical Note 62 on 戈, the “tasseled spear” radical

Learn to recognize three styles of halberds, each representing our radical at various stages of evolution! And see why there’s a weapon at the heart of 我 (817: I), 戯 (1138: play), and 戚 (2043: relatives), as well as in more likely characters, such as 戦 (526: war).

The newsletter contains these images, among others:


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