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Now Out: The Launch of Thematic Bundles, Plus Essay 1396 on 宵 (early evening)

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Thematic Bundles! These are groups of four essays that have something essential in common. Just as a strong bond between two people produces a whole that's greater than the sum of its parts, the same applies to thoughtfully grouped kanji essays. Considering thematically related essays in one fell swoop enables you to make connections that you might otherwise miss. It illuminates the particular context for each essay and creates a structure for your kanji studies. Rather than casting about aimlessly for your next interesting read, you can now proceed systematically. If you read one essay a week, then each bundle will provide a "flavor of the month." 

To purchase and download Thematic Bundles, please proceed to Kanshudo, our partner site.

Many thanks to graphic artist Keith Ikeda-Barry for complementing each Thematic Bundle with a vibrant image that jumps off the page! Here's one example:

Also, the 509th essay has posted! Essay 1396 on 宵 (early evening) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

This essay shines a light on nighttime, the hidden part of the day. See why one term for "nightfall" includes the mouth kanji 口. Find out which flower people associate with waiting—often for men who don't show. Discover the bad habits of Edo residents. And learn to say, "The night is still young," "I'm sure there are lots of night owls in the IT world," and "Soon evening will come."


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