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Now Out: Four Radical Notes, Three Revisions, and Five New-Monics

A key member of the Joy o' Kanji team had a family commitment this week and was therefore not that available, so I haven't published an essay. But there's still plenty of content to share!

Four Radical Notes have posted:

  • Radical Note 144 on 行, the “going" radical: See how 行 relates to two other radicals, and discover the unusual pattern apparent in kanji such as 術 (708: technique) and 街 (819: town).
  • Radical Note 161 on 辰, the “’dragon' character" radical: Find out why there’s a dragon (or is it a clam?) in 農 (366: farming) and 辱 (1430: to humiliate).
  • Radical Note 166 on 里, the “village” radicall: Examine not only kanji such as 野 (213: field) and 量 (600: quantity) but also a ramen restaurant name that might be vulgar!
  • Radical Note 168 on 長, the “long” radical: See how 長 looks in one sign and in a stroke-order diagram to understand that not everything is as it may first appear.

These resources are free!

In addition, these essay revisions have posted:

Details about the changes are at the links. If you've bought these essays before or if you have a subscription, you can download new versions for free.

Finally, Ulrike has created these new-monics, which are free:

序 (710: order)
特 (760: special)
版 (770: publishing)
富 (780: rich)
壱 (810: one)


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