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Now Out: Four Radical Notes and Five New-Monics

Four Radical Notes have posted:

  • Radical Note 133 on 至, the "arriving" radical: Find out why 至 would repeatedly appear on a map, and see what this shape once represented.
  • Radical Note 135 on 舌, the "tongue" radical: Learn the name of the radical in 舌 (732: tongue), find out where it’s a mere component, and read about the etymology of this shape.
  • Radical Note 138 on 艮, the "stopping" radical: See how 艮 has connections to time, cardinal directions, stopping, and 良 (598: good)!
  • Radical Note 143 on 血, the "blood" radical: Find out about the radical in 血 (270: blood) and 衆 (705: the public), and see how the 血 radical relates to the “dish” radical 皿.

Also, Ulrike has created these new-monics, the last of the year:

推 (908: to propel)
聖 (911: holy)
染 (917: dye)
層 (921: layer)
頂 (940: summit)

All of these resources are free!


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