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Now Out: Four Radical Notes

Four Radical Notes have posted:

  • Radical Note 178 on 韋, the "tanned leather" radical: Find out about the counterintuitive name of the radical in 韓 (1981: South Korea), as well as complex matters involving its shapes in various fonts and its stroke count.
  • Radical Note 182 on 風, the "wind" radical: See how ancient people perceived fierce winds as being connected to malevolent animals, and find out how the radical in 風 (198: wind) relates to the “table” radical 几.
  • Radical Note 183 on 飛, the "flying" radical: You’ll be flying once you brief yourself on the radical in 飛 (566: to fly).
  • Radical Note 185 on 首, the "neck" radical: Find out about the radical in 首 (139: neck) and have fun with kanji Rorschach tests!

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