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Now Out: Essay 2066 on 酎 (shochu) and 5 New-Monics

The 302nd essay has posted! Essay 2066 on 酎 (shochu) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Learn how to drink shochu, how to make it, and how to classify it. See how a love of shochu made 16th-century carpenters resentful. Discover what shochu has to do with Marlon Brando, Napoleon, sweet potato shortages, and longevity. Learn when tastelessness is a virtue in a drink. And find out how moonshine  inspired a term used to denigrate certain literature.


Using the accompanying game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Also, Ulrike created the following new-monics (which are free!):

寂 (1345: lonely)
叔 (1367: parent's younger sibling)
淑 (1368: ladylike)
督 (1665: to supervise)
傲 (2009: arrogance)


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