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Now Out: Essay 2050 on 狙 (aim) and 5 New-Monics

The 292nd essay has posted! Essay 2050 on 狙 (aim) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Whether you want to talk about aiming a camera or aiming a golf shot, this kanji is for you. It literally has to do with guns but figuratively offers much more, appearing for instance in terms for intentions and hidden agendas. Through 狙, find out what made a female Soviet teenager famous in World War II, and learn who may have conspired to take down a recent U.S. president.

Using the accompanying game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Also, Ulrike has produced the following new-monics (which are free!):

塚 (1607: mound)
笛 (1624: woodwind instrument)
摘 (1625: to pick)
滴 (1626: drop (of liquid))
迭 (1627: to replace someone)


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