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Now Out: Essay 1866 on 悠 (calm) and 6 New-Monics

The 471st essay has posted. Essay 1866 on 悠 (calm; easily; distant) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

It’s hard to know how 悠 came to represent three unrelated ideas, but that enables us to say a range of things, including these: “He left the place quietly,” “I will still easily make it by the time we set,” “She remained calm even as others panicked,” “This certainly isn't a job where you can take it easy,” “You're being too relaxed about things,” and “a long, long time ago.”

Also, Ulrike has created these new-monics, which are free:

諸 (898: various)
笑 (900: laugh)
蒸 (904: steam)
仁 (906: benevolence)
忠 (936: sincerity)
庁 (938: government office)


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