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Now Out: Essay 1789 on 暮 (to live) and Two Revisions

The 114th essay has posted! That means I've completed 10 percent of the junior high school set! Essay 1789 on 暮 (to live; earn one’s livelihood; grow dark; come to an end) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

You might expect a kanji meaning “to live” to be exuberant. Instead, 暮 captures the gloomy sense of “We’re born with one foot in the grave." Still, you can use this very flexible kanji to talk about all these things: scraping by on a small income, what one does for a living, year-end gifts, twilight, living alone, being lost in thought, and spending all one's time doing something.

I've also posted revisions to two essays:

Essay 1799 on 峰 (peak, mountaintop; ridge): I changed p. 6 to reflect that 峯 is the variant form of 峰, not the old form.

Essay 1844 on 夢 (dream; vision): I revised the verb tenses in the 2nd sidebar on p. 17 to reflect that the keyword corresponds to a future event.


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