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Now Out: Essay 1654 on 痘 (smallpox) and Radical Note 101

The 458th essay has posted. Essay 1654 on 痘 (smallpox) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Find out how smallpox once killed a third of the Japanese population. See how Japan did and did not respond to the smallpox epidemic in the Edo era. Learn terms for “smallpox,” “smallpox vaccine,” “chickenpox,” “monkeypox,” “pockmark,” “pockmarked face,” and more. Also discover how smallpox connects to cows, seeds, dimples, sci-fi imaginings, and a former pond in Tokyo. 

I've also posted Radical Note 101 on 用, the “using” radical. Find out what the radical identical to 用 (215: use) depicts and which other radicals it somewhat resembles. This resource is free.

Ulrike will return with more great mnemonics!


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