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Now Out: Essay 1481 on 昔 (past; old times) and the Feb. Newsletter

The 115th essay has posted! Essay 1481 on 昔 (past; old times; long ago; ancient times; decade) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Discover how calling something "old-fashioned" in Japanese can be an insult or a compliment. Learn to say that the recent past feels like ancient history. Also learn to say "I used to be a different person," "Hollywood isn’t what it used to be," and "That was then and this is now." Find out how although 昔 can currently mean "decade," it once meant a time span as long as 66 years! 

Also, the February newsletter is now out and is packed with fun things, including a new contest, results from the last one, and a feature about Mark Spahn and Wolfgang Hadamitzky, creators of the famed Kanji Dictionary.


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