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Now Out: Essay 1248 on 更 (furthermore) and Radical Note 72 on 日

The 113th essay has posted! Essay 1248 on 更 (furthermore; to renew; change; grow late; brand-new; night watch) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

See how the four Joyo yomi of 更 will take you in very different directions. With ふ•ける and ふ•かす, you can stay up late. With さら, you can talk about what’s new. By adding hiragana to さら, you produce adverbs, such as one for “furthermore.” Finally, コウ means “change” in terms for “renewal,” “revision,” and “rehabilitation.” As a bonus, learn what it means to change clothes in Japan!

On top of that, I've posted Radical Note 72 on 日, the "sun" radical.


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