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Now Out: Essay 1244 on 江 (Bay), 10 Revisions, and 5 New-Monics

The 195th essay has posted! Essay 1244 on 江 (bay, cove; river) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

This essay immerses you in Edo (the old name for Tokyo) and its cultural, linguistic, and botanical legacies. Read about Edo-style sushi (which you likely love!), see what characterizes a true Edoite/Tokyoite, and find out what "Little Edo" and "Big Edo" mean now. Learn to read 江 in several names, some famous. Also meet the alligators and dolphins associated with the Yangtze River!

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it.

Also, revisions of the following 10 essays have posted:

essay 1373 on 旬 (10-day period; season (for specific products))
essay 1481 on 昔 (past; old times; long ago; ancient times; decade)
essay 1571 on 壇 (platform; podium; altar; circles)
essay 1829 on 麻 (hemp, flax; to become numb; “hemp” radical)
essay 1840 on 岬 (cape, promontory, headland)
essay 1951 on 錮 (imprisonment)
essay 1973 on 瓦 (roof tile; gram; “tile” radical)
essay 2037 on 腎 (kidney)
essay 2079 on 瞳 (pupil (of eye); eye; iris (of eye))
essay 2124 on 湧 (to well (up), spring forth, gush out; come out of nowhere; to form)

You can find details about the changes at the links.

Finally, Ulrike has produced a batch of new-monics (which are free!):

様 (407: formal title)
鏡 (462: mirror)
芋 (1011: potato)
桜 (1036: cherry)
塗 (1637: to spread on a surface)


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