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Now Out: Essay 1187 on 隅 (corner), 2 Revisions, 5 Games, and 9 New-Monics

The 156th essay has posted! Essay 1187 on 隅 (corner; inconspicuous place) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Find out how the Japanese use 隅 not only literally but also figuratively, as when they talk about finding a refuge, feeling isolated, knowing something A to Z, nitpicking, and "lighting up the corner." Learn about a corner of Japan associated with an important strait, poetry, and scientific discoveries. Also find out about a fireworks festival in Tokyo. Enjoy several gorgeous book covers featuring 隅!

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Games for five older essays have also become available:

essay 1943 on 枠 (frame; framework; enclosure; limit; quota)

essay 1968 on 岡 (hill; higher place; outside; beside)

essay 1972 on 牙 (tusk, fang)

essay 1973 on 瓦 (roof tile; gram)

essay 1985 on 亀 (turtle, tortoise)

Furthermore, two essay revisions have appeared:

essay 1167 on 恐 (fear; dread; awe; overwhelmed (e.g., with gratitude); probably)

essay 1749 on 怖 (fear; scary; afraid)

You'll find details at the links.

Finally, there are several new-monics (which are free!):

相 (530: mutual)
机 (832 desk)
専 (914: specialty)
薄 (1699: to dilute)
箱 (1703: box)
肌 (1704: skin)
梗 (2006: blockage)
腎 (2037: kidney)
蔑 (2107: contempt)


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