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Now Out: Essay 1183 on 駆 (running (race); rush) and the Jan. Newsletter

The 111th essay has posted! Essay 1183 on 駆 (to run (race); rush; ride a horse; drive (a machine); gallop; drive (something) off) is now available for purchase. To usher in the Year of the Horse, the essay continues our exploration of kanji with the "horse" radical, 馬. Here's a preview:

Most terms with 駆 will leave you breathless. It lies at the heart of words for "footrace," "rushing in at the last minute," and "pioneer" (one who has raced ahead of the pack). You'll learn to say, "He ran up the stairs panting," "Her desire to be a doctor spurred her on," and "He was driven by revenge." Find out why signs about Cinderella hang in Japanese subway stations!

Also, the Further Resources section now lists apps for the iPhone and iPad. These include the app version of Halpern's dictionary, as well as great games developed by Oliver Rose. I'd love to list more kanji apps. If you've created an app or if you're addicted to one, please let me know.

Finally, the January newsletter is now out, rounding up all the horses (well, kanji with the "horse" radical") I wrote about last month and presenting a new contest.


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