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Now Out: Essay 1011 on 芋 (potato) and 9 New-Monics

The 165th essay has posted! Essay 1011 on 芋 (potato; sweet potato; taro; yam; tuber) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

From Hokkaido to Okinawa, the Japanese grow many types of white potatoes and sweet potatoes and have scads of ways of eating them. Find out when 芋 represents which of its many definitions, why a "new potato" label is crucial, what "sweet potato color" means, and what a potato stamp is. Also see why sweet potatoes prompt passion, nostalgia, embarrassed laughter, and excuses.

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Also, Ulrike has produced these new-monics (which are free!):

由 (399: reason)
漢 (442: Han China)
成 (515: to become)
城 (903: castle)
届 (948: to deliver)
難 (949: difficult)
忘 (974: to forget)
幕 (977: curtain)
模 (980: pattern)


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