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Now Out: 2 Radical Notes and 21 Revisions

My graphic designer Tiara is out for a monthlong maternity leave, and as she is the one who turns each essay manuscript into a PDF, there will be only one new essay in February (next week). Otherwise, I'll be writing Radical Notes and revising earlier essays. To that end, I am happy to present two new Radical Notes:

  • Radical Note 27 on the "cliff" radical 厂. Find out about a radical that may seem ubiquitous but is on duty in just five Joyo kanji, including 原 (107: field) and 厚 (672: thick).
  • Radical Note 31 on the "enclosure" radical 囗. See what distinguishes this square radical from the other boxy one, and discover a fun pattern involving kanji such as 国 (123: country) and 囲 (422: to encircle).

These resources are free!

Here are the latest essay revisions:

Clicking on that image will take you to the general Essays page, and from there you can easily reach any of the essays. Alternatively, you can access them with these links:

Details about the changes are at the links. If you've bought these essays before or if you have a subscription, you can download new versions for free.


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