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New Games and Mnemonics Out!

Several games for older essays have become available:

essay 1388 on 匠 (master; craftsperson, artisan; skill; idea)
essay 1467 on 杉 (cedar)
essay 1470 on 井 (well; town)

In addition, there are several new-monics:

鳥 (174: bird)
鳴 (209: to chirp)
来 (217: to come)
狭 (1166: narrow)
舟 (1354: boat)
沈 (1601: to sink)
帝 (1616: emperor)
怒 (1639: anger)
到 (1641: to arrive)
又 (1835: again)
矛 (1843: halberd)


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