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Lots of Essay Enhancements Are Up

I've reissued all of these essays after adding wonderful photos that feature the main characters: 

Essay 1144 on 詰 (to pack into): Added 2 photos on p. 10.

Essay 1166 on 狭 (narrow): Added 2 photos on pp. 12 and 13.

Essay 1196 on 恵 (blessing): Added 6 photos on pp. 13–15. Also added けい to the name yomi list on p. 1.

Essay 1212 on 肩 (shoulder): Added 4 photos to pp. 10–12. 

Essay 1388 on 匠 (master; craftsperson): Added 8 photos on p. 4 and pp. 10–14. Also made "master" the primary definition of this kanji, adjusting the discussion on p. 2 accordingly.

Essay 1432 on 辛 (spicy): Added 6 photos to pp. 16–18. Also fixed photos on pp. 3 and 5, as they had become unfocused in the June 3 edition. 

Essay 1640 on 豆 (bean): Added 4 photos to pp. 15–17. Also revised the definition of katsuobushi on p. 8.

Essay 1829 on 麻 (hemp): Added 3 photos on pp. 13–15. 

Essay 1936 on 郎 (male name suffix): Added 8 photos on pp. 6, 8, and 12–15 

Essay 1987 on 臼 (mortar): Added 7 photos on pp. 9 and 12–14.

Essay 2005 on 虎 (tiger): Added 8 photos on pp. 14–16.

On top of that, I've made a few changes to essay 1835, though I added no photos:

Essay 1835 on 又 (again): On p. 7, I altered the definition of 又は. It can't mean "and/or," so I deleted that. Also, I revised the photo caption on p. 13. The 4th line of the sign did not have a 及び ... 又は structure, as I had indicated. The 及び is part of the name of the law. 

Finally, in Radical Note 64 on the "hand" radical, I added a photo under the heading "The Variant 扌 Always Goes on the Left." The picture features five instances of this radical in a row!


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