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Essay 2033 on 憧 (to yearn) Is Now Out

The 133rd essay has posted! Essay 2033 on 憧 (to yearn, long for; aspire to; admire; adore) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

This kanji enables us to talk about people we find hot, the professionals we admire, and the celebrities we worship. We can also use it to convey our yearning for a lifestyle (urban or rural), our dreams for the future (and how 夢 differs in this respect), and our longing for the past. See how the Japanese freely coin terms with 憧, leaving even native speakers uncertain about the yomi.

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

In addition, I've posted a revised version of essay 1255 on 香 (fragrance, sweet smell; incense; perfume). Details are on the Character Home Page.

Games are also newly available for the following essays:

essay 1156 on 虚 (void, vacant; false, falsehood; futile)

essay 1212 on 肩 (shoulder)

essay 1555 on 託 (to entrust with; consign; use as an excuse)

essay 1633 on 斗 (dipper; 18 liters)

essay 1641 on 到 (to arrive; attain; reach; extreme; prevail)

Also, Ulrike has posted quite a few new mnemonics:

5 on 王 (king)

7 on 下 (below)

8 on 火 (fire)

10 on 学 (to study)

12 on 九 (nine)

13 on 休 (to rest)

14 on 金 (gold)

15 on 空 (empty)

17 on 犬 (dog)

19 on 五 (five)

21 on 校 (exam)

26 on 四 (four)

27 on 糸 (thread)

29 on 耳 (ear)

30 on 七 (seven)

39 on 人 (person)

76 on 六 (six)

113 on 工 (craft)

191 on 馬 (horse)

627 on 果 (fruit)

655 on 句 (phrase)

847 on 警 (to warn)

849 on 穴 (hole)

1172 on 驚 (surprise)

Be sure to check them out!



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