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Essay 1970 on 俺 (I, me (for men)) Is Now Out

The 137th essay has posted! Essay 1970 on 俺 (I, me (for men)) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Some sources call 俺 rough, arrogant, vulgar, and disagreeable. Others say it is informal and intimate. It conveys manliness, which could imply control over emotions, but it is also the pronoun men use when they lose their cool. All these contradictory statements are true! The mere idea of adding 俺 to the Joyo list provoked a bitter battle. Find out how and why men use this charged word.

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Several games for older essays have also become available:

essay 1021 on 越 (to cross over; exceed, surpass; move; Vietnam)
essay 1075 on 殻 (shell; remnant; husk; cinder, ash; crust)
essay 1081 on 穫 (to harvest, reap)
essay 1093 on 甘 (sweet; fragrant; tempting; indulgent)
essay 1095 on 缶 ((tin) can; container; steam boiler; kettle)
essay 1651 on 塔 (tower; pagoda; monument)
essay 1652 on 搭 (boarding; loading (vehicle))
essay 1661 on 洞 (cave; tunnel; hole; to see through)

In addition, there are some new mnemonics (new-monics!):

心 (147: heart)
予 (403: beforehand)
不 (572: negative)
布 (778: cloth)
預 (801: to deposit)
己 (855: self; serpent)
恐 (1167: fear)
遇 (1185: by chance)
怖 (1749: fear)
凡 (1827: mediocre)


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