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Essay 1840 on 岬 (cape, headland) Is Now Out!

The 130th essay has posted! Essay 1840 on 岬 (cape, promontory, headland) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Learn about the 16 extremities of the four main islands, and see why Japan has a whopping 5,503 lighthouses. Find out how a powerful novel and a shipwreck changed Japan and how another shipwreck bonded Japan and Turkey. Learn the various kanji for cape names, and see why the 山 radical in 岬 can be a misfit. Discover the locations of coral reefs in Japan and capes in your body! 

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Other games are now available for these essays:

essay 1133 on 騎 (riding a horse; equestrian; counter for riders)

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essay 1593 on 嵐 (storm; mountain air)

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essay 1846 on 娘 (daughter; young woman; girl)

essay 1989 on 巾 (cloth, towel; width)

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Finally, I've posted revisions to these two essays:

essay 1021 on 越 (to cross over; exceed, surpass; move; Vietnam)

essay 1052 on 靴 (shoes, footwear)

You'll find explanations at the links.


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