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Essay 1436 on 娠 (pregnancy) Is Now Out

The 141st essay has posted! Essay 1436 on 娠 (pregnancy; conception) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Learn to say, "I'm pregnant," and find out how a man might question his connection to the matter. Learn to talk about fertility, pregnancy tests, and morning sickness. See how one manga artist managed to be pregnant for 17 months! Read about ceremonies in which doctors draw kanji (e.g., 犬: dog) on women's sashes. And discover a shrine that displays imagery of female genitalia.

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Several games for older essays have also become available:

essay 1432 on 辛 (spicy; bitter; dry taste; salty; severe; painful)
essay 1473 on 斉 (equal; alike; similar, uniform)
essay 1490 on 仙 (mythical being, wizard, fairy; hermit)
essay 1513 on 双 (pair; set; counter for pairs)
essay 1532 on 憎 (to hate, detest)
essay 1535 on 束 (bundle; bunch; to tie up; to bind)
essay 1550 on 滝 (waterfall)
essay 1726 on 披 (to open; reveal; display; introduce)
essay 1727 on 卑 (base, lowly, vile, vulgar, mean)

In addition, there are lots of new-monics:

八 (66: eight)
遠 (79: distant)
魚 (98: fish)
作 (127: to make)
公 (277: public)
衣 (420: garment)
羊 (986: sheep)
依 (1001: reliant)
猿 (1028: monkey)
患 (1101: afflicted)
搾 (1301: to squeeze)
訟 (1401: to sue)
鮮 (1501: fresh)
串 (1993: skewer)


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