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Essay 1198 on 掲 (to display) Is Now Out

The 147th essay has posted! Essay 1198 on 掲 (to display (esp. in writing), put up (a notice), hoist; mention, carry, publish) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

If you want to display things for all the world to see, this is the kanji for you! Find out how to talk about everything from Help Wanted signs and bulletin board notices to flags hoisted on flagpoles. Learn to say, "It came out in yesterday’s paper." Come to understand the puzzling term "BBS.” Also learn to refer to the subject line of an email and to "aforementioned" comments. 

Using the accompanying Phrase Maze game on the Character Home Page, you can practice the vocabulary in the essay after reading it. 

Moreover, 10 essay revisions have appeared:

essay 1084 on 潟 (lagoon; tideland)
essay 1164 on 峡 (ravine, gorge; strait) 
essay 1166 on 狭 (narrow, cramped, tight, constricted)
essay 1327 on 滋 (nourishing, nutritious; delicious)
essay 1513 on 双 (pair; set; counter for pairs)
essay 1685 on 杯 (saké cup; cupfuls)
essay 1726 on 披 (to open; reveal; display; introduce)
essay 1846 on 娘 (daughter; young woman; girl)
essay 2051 on 遡 (going upstream; retracing the past)
essay 2072 on 鶴 (crane)

Details about the changes are available on each Character Home Page. 

In addition, there are several new-monics:

足 (51: foot)
今 (125: now)
自 (134: oneself)
太 (164: plump)
竹 (170: bamboo)
臣 (512: retainer)
含 (1118: to include)
臭 (1356: to stink)
駄 (1541: burdensome)


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