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Essay 1133 on 騎 (riding a horse) Is Up

The 110th essay has posted! Essay 1133 on 騎 (riding a horse; equestrian; counter for riders) is now available for purchase. To usher in the Year of the Horse, the essay continues this month's exploration of kanji with the "horse" radical, 馬. Here's a preview:

Find out about a Japanese tradition of shooting at archery targets from galloping horses. Learn the courteous rituals samurai engaged in before killing each other. See what "white knight" means to Japanese businesspeople. Also discover a theory linking the Japanese and Mongols, a military term related to dragons, and a word relevant both to controlling a horse and to nigiri sushi.


Also, we've been busy making small changes to the site, and I'm pleased to announce one exciting addition. On Character Home Pages, such as the one for 騎, look in the Mini Profile to the right. Next to "Halpern," you'll now see two numbers separated by a slash. These represent the old and new versions of Halpern's Kodansha Kanji Learner’s DictionaryIf you own the 2013 version, you now have a really easy way of looking up kanji in that book!


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