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Essay on 甘 (sweet) Is Now Up, Plus More News

Several bits of news today: 

Radical Note 112 on 石, the "stone" radical, is now up.
• The kanji database that powers the site now provides information about non-Joyo kanji, as well!
• Jim Breen has written a guest blog today, so be sure to check that out.
Essay 1093 on 甘 (sweet; fragrant; tempting; indulgent) is now available for purchase. A preview:

Even though 甘い (あまい) seems ultra-simple, it has six definitions! Some are straightforward (e.g., sweet tastes and smells). Others are unexpected, as when "sweet" words deceive or spoil others. You'll learn the term for "sweet tooth" and for its opposite, a word that has nothing to do with food! You'll also find out about 甘 as a radical in eight Joyo kanji.



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