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Now Out: Five New-Monics

This week Ulrike created the following new-monics (which are free!):

紹 (1400: to introduce)
粋 (1455: essence)
惰 (1540: laziness)
籠 (1983: basket)
冶 (2119: to work metals)

On Deck

Radical Note 15 Is Coming Next, Followed by Essay 2119 on 冶 (to work metals)

Here's what you can expect next on Joy o' Kanji:

August 10 (or thereabouts): Radical Note 15 on the "ice" radical 

August 17:...

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Now Out: Essay 1288 on 宰 (to be in charge), New Radical Note, Jim Breen Testimonial, and 5 New-Monics

The 304th essay has posted! Essay 1288 on 宰 (to be in charge) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

From the head of the haiku society to Prime Minister Abe, 宰 enables you to talk about the...

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July Newsletter, "The Fountain of Youth," Now Out

The July JOK Newsletter, “The Fountain of Youth,” is now out. Catch up on all you missed this month and find out how studying kanji can make you eternally youthful!

JOK Notebook

The Unreal Natural World

Let's start with a quiz!

What could the following words mean:

1. 山肌 (やまはだ)     mountain + skin

a. pimple
b. leathery, weathered skin from years of outdoors activity
c. bare surface of a mountain...