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June 2015 Newsletter Now Out

The June 2015 newsletter is now out, including a tattoo delicious enough to eat! You'll also learn about new writing by Jay Rubin, the translator of many Murakami books. The current contest is about how to locate someone who is lost. Enter to win two essays! Also find out the results of the last contest.

JOK Notebook

Tigers, Rakugo, and Rubin: Oh, My!

In recent weeks I've encountered the following words. See if you can match the kanji to the definitions (and first try to do so without breakdowns, which I'll supply in a moment):

1. 交渉 (こうしょう)  a. a sure thing
On Deck

Essay 1371 on 俊 (excellent) Is Coming Next

Here's what you can expect in coming weeks on Joy o' Kanji:

June 30: June newsletter!

July 3: Essay 1371 on 俊 (excellent; genius; talented person)

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Now Out: Essay 1054 on 箇 (counter for things), a Radical Note, and 7 New-Monics

The 173rd essay has posted! Essay 1054 on 箇 (counter for things; item; place) is now available for purchase. Here's a preview:

Have you been confused about -箇 versus -個 as a counter? If so, you're not...

JOK Notebook

Drawing on Shapes

If you saw the following phrase, would you know what to make of it?


I could break down the bits this way:

立つ (to stand up)
字 (character)
輪 (circle, wheel, ring)
鼓 (drum)

Did that help?! Well, let's see ... We have a character struggling to stand atop a round drum, so I'm going to have...