Photos of Joyo Kanji in Action Help You Learn Japanese Characters

"JOKIA" stands for "Joyo Kanji in Action." JOKIA photo albums show kanji in their natural habitats, bringing them to life. Most photos are of signs, though some are of book covers, posters, clothing, tattoos, and so on. Each album contains 10 photos and features five kanji. Although there tend to be two photos of each kanji, that's only an average; there may be fewer or more. You can play the albums as slideshows or explore them at your own pace. After you buy an album for $.50, you can view it as many times as you like. Thanks to the "Hide Kanji Info" and "Hide Captions" options, you may want to treat the album as a set of flashcards on a repeat viewing, seeing how much you've learned. Enjoy!

Kanji 306–310
終 習 週 集 住
Kanji 301–305
取 酒 受 州 拾
Kanji 311–315
重 所 暑 助 昭
Kanji 316–320
消 商 章 勝 乗
Kanji 321–325
植 申 身 神 深
Kanji 326–330
進 世 整 線 全
Kanji 331–335
送 息 族 他 打
Kanji 336–340
対 待 代 第 題
Kanji 341–345
炭 短 着 注 柱